About Dr. Erika Knuth

Erika Knuth, PhD, PMH-C, is the founder of Magnolia Psychological Associates, Inc. Dr. Knuth is specialized in depth psychotherapy, psychodiagnostic assessment, spiritual/existential issues, and maternal mental health. In therapy with Dr. Knuth, you can expect to explore the early roots of your current strengths and struggles, while concurrently finding new strategies to live more fully and authentically in the present.

Dr. Knuth is passionate about working with individuals and couples during the perinatal period. Dr. Knuth received the Certificate of Completion in the Treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders by Postpartum Support International in 2014 and was one of the first therapists to attain the Advanced Certification in Perinatal Mental Health in 2018. Dr. Knuth served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the Illinois chapter of Postpartum Support International, where she worked with providers across the state to improve mental health resources, treatment, and outcomes during the perinatal period.

Dr. Knuth believes deeply in holistic wellness and wants to understand all of the factor contributing to one’s wellness and distress. In addition to her PhD in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Knuth has a MA in Theology. Dr. Knuth seeks to hold space for the multifaceted, complex emotions related to spiritual, religious, existential, and theological issues. For some, spirituality and religion are great resources for thriving, while others have been deeply wounded by religion and struggle to reconcile the tenants of a faith tradition with their own personal experiences.

Dr. Knuth feels most alive when exploring nature and spending time with her loved ones. Above all, Dr. Knuth appreciates discovering beauty in unexpected places.